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At CAMS, exceptional healthcare is our promise. With experienced professionals and personalized solutions, we prioritize your well-being

Advanced Healthcare Facilities

Our clinic serves as a comprehensive solution for your medical needs, providing a one-stop shop at our location in New Baneshwor and seamlessly connecting patients to the finest hospitals in Nepal.

Commitment to Quality and Convenience

Our team of American-trained doctors is dedicated to providing healthcare that meets the cultural expectations of expats, ensuring a seamless experience tailored to their needs.

Exceptional Healthcare Team

With decades of collective experience garnered abroad and adherence to rigorous international standards, our commitment ensures top-tier care for every patient, delivering excellence that transcends borders.

Comprehensive programs for medical journeys

CAMS stands for Center for American Medical Specialists and is the first medical clinic of its kind, founded with a vision to bring evidence-based ethical practices to the Nepali healthcare system. Our clinic is nurtured by a team of highly-trained and certified American physicians dedicated to providing patients with the pinnacle of care and experience available in the country.

Expert Solutions
for Your Health

We provide second opinion & teleconsultations for our patients with our pool of international consultants, almost in any subspecialty. All the medical records will
Whether you’re embarking on an exotic adventure or a routine business trip, our experienced team ensures you receive personalized attention and specialized care tailored
Our Internal Medicine division is staffed with highly educated and extensively researched clinical professionals. Our dedicated team brings a wealth of academic knowledge and

Healthcare in Nepal - The Ultimate guidebook

Gain expert insights and proven tips for seamlessly accessing top-quality healthcare services.

We're more than just clinicians – we're part of the community

CAMS stands out for its exceptional team of American Board-Certified doctors and proficient healthcare professionals, advanced medical technology, patient-centered approach, comprehensive services, ethical practices.

Our Expertise: Insights and
Solutions in Our Articles

August 27, 2023
When considering the potential risks of trekking in Nepal, pregnant women are primarily concerned about the effects of altitude on their unborn baby. However,

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